The weather at our November Kampout at Rincon Beach was absolutely gorgeous.  It was one of those weekends where the rest of the country sees the beautiful weather in California and decides to move here – or at least plan a vacation!

In attendance for this trip were Jim Porter and Sherri Jones, and John Puckett and Sharon Diaz, who was joined by her grandson, Ryan, for the trip.  Rik and Shirste Gessler, as well as Jimmy Miller and Patty Bauman, Jim and Kathy Moye and Virginia Grindley and her friend, Kelley, were also part of the Kamping Group.

The dice came out and many enjoyed games of Ship, Captain, Crew and Three Away.  Evening at the beach requires bonfires, and we had one almost every night.    This was such a great trip, that we scheduled it again for February.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.