What great weather we had for our August Kampout at the Vista Elks.  Last year, it was a bit warm, but this year, we had a nice breeze most of the days.  In fact, a few of us put on sweaters as some of the evenings wore on.  Joining the Wagonmasters, Alan and Trisha Ito, were John Puckett and Sharon Diaz, Virginia Grindley, Jim Porter and Sherri Jones, as well as Patty Bauman and Jimmy Miller.

After everyone arrived on Thursday, the Wagonmasters provided the Kampers with Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Coleslaw served on the outdoor patio.  It was a pleasant meal enjoyed by all.  Afterwards, we all sat down for games of Left, Center, Right, as well as Three Away and Ship, Captain, Crew.  The pots were evenly split between all players.  A couple of the Kampers then headed over to the lodge.

On Friday, the Kampers took off for a two-hour tour of the Oceanside harbor in an electric boat.  We all brought hors d’oeuvres and drinks for our cruise and enjoyed seeing the boats and yachts in the harbor.  On the way back to kamp, we picked up Sharon at the Oceanside train station.  Her first train ride, which was pretty crowded, but saved time over driving from Ventura County to Oceanside.

Friday night is Steak and Lobster Night at the Vista Elks – something that the El Konejo Kampers were not going to miss!  After dinner, some of the Kampers stayed for rousing games of shuffleboard in the Lodge.  Others ventured to the main dining room for a couple of turns around the dance floor.  Still others just called it a night and went back to their rigs.

Saturday, we woke to a very pleasant day and decided that our games could be played outside, versus going in to the shelter of the Lodge.  Our 50/50 winner was Alan Ito; Virginia Grindley won the free Kampout trip.  A spirited game of Corn Hole was played by the Kampers and everyone brought delicious munchies to share.  A great time was had by all.

Vista seems to be a place where everyone’s relatives live.  Jimmy Miller’s sister and her husband came by on Saturday for dinner with Jimmy and Patty.  Jim Porter visited with his aunt and cousin all weekend long.  The Ito’s invited Trisha’s brother and his family to dinner at their rig on Saturday night.  They were also joined by Alan’s friend from high school and his wife.  Virginia and John visited with their sister and niece over the weekend.  It was nice to catch up with everyone’s family.

Sunday was departure day for Jim and Sherri, and the rest of us took the day off to just chat and relax.  We are looking forward to next year at Vista Elks and next month, September, in Big Bear for the Oktoberfest.