Perhaps changing the name from El Konejo Kampers to El Konejo Chefs might be in order.  2019 is proving to be a rough year for camping and other outdoor activities.  The campers were scheduled to be at Camp Comfort in March.  Due to bad weather, it was rescheduled to October when we normally have good weather (no guarantees, of course).  With California going through drought times, most of us are not use to the rain.  In fact, some of us noticed we had leaks in our rigs, so we are having our roofs redone.

Many of you may be aware that a new website for the El Konejo Kampers is in the works and we are hopeful that it will be up and running soon.  Trish Ito has been putting a lot of work into making this a reality.  It makes it difficult without a working website, for people to make long range plans.  Since there is some difficulty getting the word out, let me tell you the campout for April 11-14 will be at the Bakersfield RV Resort, always a really fun venue as there is much to do around the area.  We are still in need of a wagon master which means you camp for FREE if you choose to be the wagon master.  The month of May 16-19 will be at the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge – a great lodge with lots of good food.

More information on upcoming campouts and other activities are discussed at the Kampers meetings, which are held the last Sunday of the month immediately following the AA Breakfast, usually about 12:30.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the meetings.  You don’t even have to be a member to attend.  All Elks are welcome.  Your good ideas are presented, discussed and often implemented in a casual friendly atmosphere.

Now, I said earlier that the El Konejo Kampers might want to change our name to the El Konejo Chefs.  The EKKs are great chefs and continue to put out great breakfasts with the AAs supporting our effort and the numbers continue to grow.  All Elks are welcomed.  We start serving at 10am.  Come on down the first and last Sunday of every month and enjoy a wide variety of breakfast food at a very reasonable price.

Until next month, stay dry.