Hi Everyone, I am glad to report that October’s camp out at Flying Flags in Buellton was a great success.

Thursday we set up the rigs and then relaxed.

Friday was a day of playing cards, visiting local shops and some even went to the Casino.

Saturday was a big day. We started off the day with a big breakfast.  Jim and Jan made omelets for all.  THEY WERE GREAT.  Of course we had champagne, potatoes, sausage and bacon.   After that the Sheriff (Jimmy) stopped by and fined all of us.  Following that we had our Free Campout drawing and our 50/50 drawing.   The Free Campout was won by Jimmy and Kathy.  50/50 was won by Lyssa.   Congrats to all 3 of you…

Corn Hole came next.  We had eight teams and three sets of boards.  Lots of fun, but way too long – I think it lasted five hours.  A BIG THANKS goes out to Ann, who kept score for all the teams – with all 3 games going at one time.  What a woman!!!!

Corn Hole Winners were: 1st place – John and Virginia;  2nd place – Jim and Kathy;  3rd place – Rik and Tammy.   John, you are going to have to lower the score.  Or SOMETHING…..

I also heard Cheryl won BIG at the Casino.  You go girl!

New Officers for 2021 are as follows:   President – Shirste; Vice President – Lyssa; Treasurer – Jan; and Secretary – Sue.

Thank you all and God Bless.

Virginia, President