The El Konejo Kampers By-Laws require all members to serve periodically as a Wagonmaster of a monthly Campouts.

When appointed by the Vice President for a scheduled Campout, the Wagonmaster is free to begin work on arranging and organizing the Campout.  There are a number of items that should or must be completed:

  • Confirm, with the Vice-President and/or the Campgrounds, all information related to the Campgrounds, such as Campsites, Hook-ups, store, club house, facilities, game area, near-by points of interest, local transportation, etc., etc., and most importantly, CANCELLATION POLICY!!
  • Design a flier advertising the campout – include Place, Dates, Cost, Activities Planned, Time and Place of Activities, Your Name and Address, and the Address of campgrounds. A Map, if needed, can be included on the flyer or as a separate item.  Include policy and information for reserving extra nights.  This will depend on the campground’s policy, and may be done either through their reservation center or handled entirely by the Wagonmaster.
  • Set a RESERVATION DEADLINE! At this deadline you should have payment for the reservations from all members attending.  This deadline should be at least one (1) week before the date required by the CANCELLATION POLICY of the campground.  This will give you time to confirm all reservations and then notify the campground of cancellation of all sites that we will not be using.
  • Distribute flier and map to the webmaster for uploading to the Kamper Website.
  • Once the fliers are distributed, members may reserve a site by sending a check to the Wagonmasters, made payable to El Konejo Kampers, in the amount of the cost of the campsite for each night reserved through the Wagonmaster. Nights reserved through the campground must be paid according to their policy and at their rates, which may differ from the ‘group rate’ that the Camper Club receives.
  • In the event campsites are limited, reservations will be prioritized:
  • Top priority will be the four (4) elected officers.
  • Next priority will be in the order of the date that payment of campout fees is received by the Wagonmaster. The earlier arriving payment will be given the next priority.  The Wagonmaster will record the reception of each payment as it is received to determine priority.
  • The Wagonmaster shall also coordinate the campout activities.
  • The Wagonmaster will appoint a Sheriff, who will assess and impose fines for minor infractions, for each campout.
  • Campout fees are due and payable when a campout reservation is made. If a reservation is canceled before the reservation deadline, the campout fee will be returned.  If a reservation is canceled after the reservation deadline, the following applies:
  • Campout fees will be returned if a replacement or a “no charge” cancellation can be obtained for the site reserved.
  • Campout fees will not be returned for no shows.
  • Use of a certificate for a free campout is the same as submitting payment for the campout fees.
  • Arrange to pick up supplies from the previous month’s Wagonmaster. The supplies include: Club Sign, Raffle and 50/50 Tickets (2 colors), and ticket containers.  The raffle consists of the drawing of two (2) tickets for a free campout.
  • At the Wagonmaster’s discretion, the evening meals on Friday and Saturday are determined. They may be Potluck, Restaurant, ‘On Your Own’ or Hors d’ oeuvres.
  • Wagonmasters may expend the sum of $50.00 to cover the costs for awards to the winners when they have “contests” at a campout.
  • All expenses accrued for the flier (if any) and awards are reimbursed by the Treasurer.
  • List all Campers who are attending on the Kampsite List. You can use the Kamper List form


  • Arrive early to assign Campsites based on size of the rigs. If you are not available, appoint someone else.
  • Set out club sign at the front of your rig.
  • Deputize the Sheriff who will assess and impose fines for minor infractions.


  • Arrange for someone to sell 50/50 and raffle tickets.
  • Arrange tables for brunch, 50/50 and raffle drawings, and the Sheriff’s report.

Note: Give the Treasurer all proceeds from the 50/50 and raffle drawings, Sheriff’s fines and campout fees

  • Settle up with the campground. Treasurer may assist with this.
  • If writer for Antler Antics Newsletter is not on the trip, take notes on Kamper Questions for News Article form and submit to news article writer. Also take 3-5 pictures for Kamper Website.  Submit to webmaster.


  • Submit all of your expenses to the Treasurer for reimbursement. See Kampout Report Form.