AA Set Up  6:30 am-Serving starts at 8:00 am

Set up 8-11 round tables with 8 chairs at each, and place the following items on each table;

Table Cloths and Table Number Centerpiece

Napkins with silverware

Salt & Pepper

White wicker basket with jellies, syrup and butter

Set up 2 rectangular tables against the back wall with:

Table cloths

One 100 cup coffee pot

One 2 burner heater with a small pot of decaf and small pot of hot water

Coffee cups, stirring sticks, creamers, sugar and tea bags

Orange juice and iced water pitchers with 7 oz. plastic cups

Bowls with syrup, jams and jellies, and butter chips

Condiments (Catsup, hot sauce, Tabasco etc.)

Tray with Silverware and extra napkins


At the end of the bar, place the plastic paper holder with the instruction sheet for the Elks Breakfast Order forms, and one stack each of the Elks Standard Breakfast Menu and the Elks Omelet Breakfast Menu, and the Paid Stamp, for the Bartender.

Check with Lodge pantry prior to Sunday (Recommend Friday) to be sure the following is available;

1 ½ boxes of bacon**

2 boxes of sausage links**

6 quarts of frozen orange juice concentrate**

(** Remove from freezer and defrost in refrigerator)

10 3lb bags of frozen hash brown potatoes

1 box frozen biscuits

1 ½ cases of eggs

2 bags pancake mix

2 bags country gravy mix

1 container liquid margarine

100 7 oz. plastic cups for juice

Cooking oil

Butter Chips


Jam & Jelly

Stirring sticks, creamers, sugar

Condiments (Catsup, Hot Sause, Salsa, Tabasco, Grated Cheese, Chopped Onions)

Napkins, Aprons, Paper Towels, Blue Rags

Breakfast Order Forms.    ELKS and AA’s

Keys for the storage cabinet and the Kitchen Door



1)        Tea

2)        2 lbs pork sausage (for Gravy)

3)        1 loaf white bread

4)        2 loaves rye bread

5)        3 loaves wheat bread

6)        3-4 loaves sourdough bread

7)        3-4 lbs frozen blueberries

8)        3-4 lbs oranges

9)        1 bunch parsley


Elk breakfast times are 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon.  Any members who order prior to 12:00 noon should be served, not turned away.

All of the kitchen crew should assist in the closing, which includes washing of dishes and all kitchen utensils.  Also putting away all of the leftover food items in the refrigerator and freezer in the pantry and items that go into our storage cabinet, cleaning of counters, grill, stove, table, refrigerator doors, floors, pantry, the emptying of all trash cans, turning off the switches for the A/C, the coffee maker and  the lights.

We should leave the kitchen looking like we want it to look when we open in the morning.