Our Kampers for the Santa Barbara Kampout included Jim and Kathy Moye (Wagonmaster), Virginia Grindley, Ed and Rita DaCorsi, Rik and Shirste Gessler, Don and Roxy Skinner, Joe and Judy Nemtusak, Faye Stevens, Ann Digman and Carol Spinner.

Most of the Kampers arrived on Thursday afternoon and we enjoyed a dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers at the Lodge that night.  We were able to partake in tasty lunches at the Lodge on Thursday and Friday, too.  For lunch on Saturday, we all took off for lunch at the Beachside Café.  This is located right on the beach in Isla Vista and some of us ventured out onto the wharf.

After lunch on Saturday, we returned to play a couple rounds of Corn Hole.  Don Skinner and Kathy Moye took first place!  Rik and Shirste came in second; and Joe and Judy came in third.  Virginia Grindley and Jim Moye won the Free Kampouts for future trips.

During the weekend, there were always games of Ship, Captain, Crew going on.  Carol Spinner won a double pot on one game.  But Rik and Shirste took home most of the other pots.  Those two are pretty lucky when playing dice games!

The Santa Barbara Elks Lodge is a great place to visit.  The weather is always great for us and it held true for us this trip.